Do Not Conform to the World

It’s been a while since I’ve written an article for Faith, Truth and Wisdom. But I’m happy to say I am back on track! I want to discuss a topic that affects Christians daily. A topic that won’t go away. The topic I would like to talk about is how the world changes Christians and… Continue reading Do Not Conform to the World

Who is Satan?

Satan wasn’t always called Satan. Originally, his name was Lucifer and he was one of the grandest cherubim in the heavenly hosts in heaven. Lucifer means ‘light bearer’ and Satan means ‘adversary’ in Hebrew. You can see the distinct differences in the meaning between the two names. According to Ezekiel 28, Lucifer was wise and… Continue reading Who is Satan?

“I die daily” What did the Apostle Paul mean?

I believe Paul was referring to his flesh when he said 'I die daily'. The flesh wants what it wants and it naturally wants to live a life of sin. Paul meant he had to fight the flesh daily and allow it to die if you want the Spirit to dominate in your life. 1… Continue reading “I die daily” What did the Apostle Paul mean?