Where is God?

So I’ve been thinking about my situation. Trying to work out how I can improve it. I think compared to other people I’m not in a good position. I think I am worse off sometimes. Maybe that’s the Enemy playing with my mind. Then the Holy Spirit comes along and tests you. He puts someone… Continue reading Where is God?

Answers from GOD

“Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some.” Poetic words by the Christian band Mercy Me. But what does this mean? It means life has no promises. The universe just doesn’t have the ANSWERS. Does it? I have answers. Since I became a born again Christian. I receive Revelation from God. He gives me answers.… Continue reading Answers from GOD

Overcoming Doubt and Unbelief

I am a Christian, and sometimes I struggle with doubt. I question God and His motives in my Christian faith when things do not work out how I want it to.  There are times when I do not understand why He does what He does. I need to remind myself that His ways are higher… Continue reading Overcoming Doubt and Unbelief

“I die daily” What did the Apostle Paul mean?

I believe Paul was referring to his flesh when he said 'I die daily'. The flesh wants what it wants and it naturally wants to live a life of sin. Paul meant he had to fight the flesh daily and allow it to die if you want the Spirit to dominate in your life. 1… Continue reading “I die daily” What did the Apostle Paul mean?