Books I Recommend

Armed and Dangerous – John Ramirez

If you’re looking for a book that explains the battle of Spiritual Warfare and how to protect yourself, then this is the book for you. John’s testimony is unique and God is using him to spread the kingdom message. This book is a page turner and I highly recommend Armed and Dangerous for anyone looking for Christian discernment into this area.

Image John Ramirez Ministries

Prophetic Guide to the End TimesDerek Prince

Derek Prince writes open and honestly about what to expect in the lead up to the end times. His prophetic insight and Godly wisdom is evident throughout this book. This book explains the proven accuracy of biblical prophecy and what is yet to be fulfilled.

Image Derek Prince Ministries

The Invisible WarChip Ingram

Chip breaks down the armour in Ephesians 6 and describes why each piece is necessary in Spiritual Warfare. This book discusses what Christians need to know to prayerfully defend themselves against attacks from the enemy.

Image Living on the Edge

Michael’s book shares valuable insight into the supernatural realm. His explanations are clear and concise and he uses easy to understand language. A diamond in the rough. He teaches there’s more to life, there’s the supernatural.

Image Awakening School of Theology & Ministry