The Life Within (A Tribute)

How do you put into words a life? How do you explain what someone meant to you?

This week I received some very sad news that a friend of mine’s son had passed away. It wasn’t easy hearing the news.

He was a fine young man. A respected member of the community. But too young to be taken.

I didn’t know Brandon very well, but I do know Anxiety. And Brandon suffered from it.

Behind the fear of anxiety, he was still a fine young man. A man that was brave. A man that was strong. Who fought the good fight of faith!

Brandon will be sorely missed by his friends and family. He will be missed by me.

Some people grieve in silence. Others grieve with friends.

I just know that we need to be able to attend funerals so we can pay our respect to those people who have died and to the family and friends left behind.

Goodbye Brandon. See you in heaven.


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