Jesus is in Control

What does it mean to grieve? To truly grieve the loss of someone you love. We come into this world like dust, and dust we shall return. But Yeshua is in control. Yeshua knew when He created us that there would be seasons of heartache, seasons of anger, seasons of grief. But where is He… Continue reading Jesus is in Control

The Life Within (A Tribute)

How do you put into words a life? How do you explain what someone meant to you? This week I received some very sad news that a friend of mine’s son had passed away. It wasn’t easy hearing the news. He was a fine young man. A respected member of the community. But too young… Continue reading The Life Within (A Tribute)

What is Grief?

Why do we grieve? What purpose does it serve? God created grieving so we could bear the pain of heartache and sorrow. He knew that our lives would be tough and there would be seasons of death. Woman cry in sorrow and men get angry. That’s how it works. That’s how God created men and… Continue reading What is Grief?