Jesus is in Control

What does it mean to grieve? To truly grieve the loss of someone you love.

We come into this world like dust, and dust we shall return. But Yeshua is in control.

Yeshua knew when He created us that there would be seasons of heartache, seasons of anger, seasons of grief.

But where is He in all the grief?

Yeshua is in the trees. He is in the sky. He is the wind on your face when you are outside.

Jesus knew we would need Him in times of grief. He knows all our secrets. He knows.   

We can’t hide our face from Him. He sees EVERYTHING. He is EVERYWHERE. Watching and waiting to pick us up when we FALL. To pick us up when we stumble.

Jesus wants you to know that it’s not Him that created DEATH, it was the ENEMY.

Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash

We can’t just believe in God and then put our head in the sand that the Enemy doesn’t exist. It’s twofold.

There’s a God and then there is SATAN.

I’ve been grieving. Griefing the loss of someone I couldn’t help in the flesh. He’s in heaven now, but I couldn’t save HIM.

As a woman, we want to fix things and make them better. But God has other ideas sometimes. God teaches us lessons in the PAIN. In the sorrow and through the valley, he teaches us things. It’s called Revelation.

Revelation isn’t some sort of mystical conversation with the Holy Spirit. It’s just a Word from God about a given situation. That’s Revelation.

Life is too short to be angry. It’s too short to be sad. It’s too short to be unforgiving. Let’s just get through this together. Let’s grieve together. We’ll be ok. If we can be together.

(Psalm 4:23) Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out of it flow the springs of life.

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