Where is God?

So I’ve been thinking about my situation. Trying to work out how I can improve it.

I think compared to other people I’m not in a good position. I think I am worse off sometimes. Maybe that’s the Enemy playing with my mind.

Then the Holy Spirit comes along and tests you. He puts someone in your path that makes you think twice about everything.

I’ve met a young man that has no food due to Covid. He and his siblings have finished their last bag of rice.

He lost his job due to Covid. The post offices are all shut.

He’s a Christian too. I met him by ministering to him over social media.

But I’m a Christian and I feel helpless. I feel helpless for the lost. I feel helpless because there are starving people in the world that have it worse than me.

What is the Solution?

I wish I knew. A country can be rich yet it’s people can be poor.

I can’t help everyone. But I can give others HOPE for another day. Sometimes that’s all they need, is HOPE.

I can’t imagine what it would be like not having enough food to eat. Or what it would be like not having enough clothing. I can’t imagine that.

All I can do is TRUST God that my Ministry will be able to reach out to those people that need it most. Those people that have lost hope. These are the people we need to reach.

Don’t put your faith in money. It comes and goes. Put your faith in Jesus Christ. He won’t let you down.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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