What is Drunk with the Holy Spirit?

Are you a woman? Have you been drunk with the Holy Spirit?

I have. And it’s really difficult to describe. It’s like being drunk on good feelings. Make sense?

It’s not mentioned of in Scripture because it’s a secret and hidden thing.

How does it feel?

It feels like your on cloud 9. Like nothing can hurt you. It’s a oneness with the Holy Spirit. An eternal Connection.

Why does the Holy Spirit allow this?

God allows it because He knows women go through ups and downs. Kids, marriage, divorce! A lot is going on in a woman’s life. God planned ahead. He wanted women to have the time of their lives regardless of their circumstances.

The Holy Spirit always knows what He is doing. He doesn’t make a mistake.

If you want to be drunk with the Holy Spirit, it’s not something you request or pray for. Drunk with the Holy Spirit is given to a small handful of women. Administered by the Holy Spirit at His will.

So take heed, being a Christian is fun! We know how to laugh 😊

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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