Let’s Talk About Meditation.

Does Meditation cause demonic possession? I think it does.

Meditation opens up neural pathways that allow the Enemy to enter into. What does this mean?

It means it gives Satan and his demons legal ground to possess you because you are meditating and involved in one of HIS tools of Satanic warfare.

My heart grieves. It grieves for all those people who have opened themselves up to the Enemy.

How do I know this?

I’ve been studying the Supernatural for many years. I’ve read countless books on the Enemy and theology. I’ve been discipled, mainly by men.

What is the Cure for demonic possession?

The cure is DELIVERANCE. It’s the only way forward. In Australia, we don’t have any Christian Deliverance ministries that I know of.

Satan has quietly been spreading his poison. And now it’s become very serious. Mental Illness.

Meditation causes mental illness. Particularly Paranoid Schizophrenia. A very dangerous mental illness.

If you don’t believe me, study it for yourself.

Matthew 25:32 When Jesus returns, He will separate the sheep from the goats.

A video by Steve Bancarz. A leading expert on the Supernatural.

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