What is Madness Versus Spiritual Oppression?

Madness – something everybody is afraid of. Even me. But I’ve been mad. Really mad. But does that mean I have a mental illness or does that mean I’m Spiritually Oppressed?

Let’s break it down.

What Is A Mental Illness

A mental illness is any illness that causes you to be insane. Just to put it bluntly. Insanity is something that the general population is afraid of. However, insanity can be treated with the right medication.

What is Spiritual Oppression

Spiritual Oppression involves Satan. It’s when Satan uses his weapons of warfare against you. Satan is no respecter of people, unlike Yeshua is.

Photo by Michelle Bonkosky on Unsplash

Yeshua came to save the lost. Satan came to destroy them.

So you see, there is a difference. There is a difference between Satan and Yeshua (Hebrew for Jesus).

Jesus knows who His people are, so does Satan. Satan is building an army against nations.

(Romans 8:31) Paul said “If God is for us, who can be against us?”

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