A Message to the Churches of Australia

I’m a woman. Just a woman with Gifts from the Holy Spirit. Women have Spiritual Gifts you ask?


So what does it mean this is a message to Australian churches? It means, there’s witchcraft in your churches and you need to get rid of it. N.O.W.

How do we get rid of Witchcraft in churches?

That’s easy, we start deliverance ministries. It’s the only way. Deliverance.

Ask any good American pastor, and they will tell you that. Or least I think they will?

Witchcraft has a hold on our young, on our old and on women. Especially, women. Satan’s time is short, and he knows this. So he’s coming in fast taking the women with him.

Some demons are prayer and fasting, some demons are DELIVERENCE only. (A secret and hidden thing)

I’ve read enough books written by American authors to know when change is in the air. Deliverance has been lost in Australia. The Pentecostal churches need to take it back.

Read (ACTS 26:18)

So that’s my message. Short and Sweet. If you don’t want to listen to me, listen to the Lord. His name is Jehovah. (Yahweh).

Photo by Abigail Keenan on Unsplash

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