What’s the POINT of Marriage?

God loves weddings.

He created weddings after all.

Why does He love weddings so much when all we do is get DIVORCED?

He is patient and kind to us even when we do the wrong thing. HE loves US!

I ask myself this question. Would I get remarried after everything I’ve been through?

Kids, arguments, DIVORCE. The answer is YES, I would remarry. To the right MAN.

Love is patient, Love is Kind, It is not self-seeking. Love covers a MULTITUDE of sins. LOVE NEVER FAILS. If it fails, it’s not Love.


Some bitter, some blue, some broken, some new.

Too many to list. Memories occupy my mind night and day. Just memories. They don’t live.

Memories. Forgotten and alive. Memories. Shocking and sad. Happy and Loving. Still just broken.

Photo by Alyssa Hurley on Unsplash


Long ago there was a couple. A couple in love. Two hearts became one. A BIG HEART that broke in two. Shattered on the floor.

Crazy thoughts. Crazy LIFE. I was just a regular WIFE.


I can’t see what’s ahead, but I can see if LOVE is in my future. God told me I would remarry. I don’t know to who. I can hear God’s voice. As Christians, He speaks to us. He gently nudges us in the right direction, towards our future.

I don’t hear voices, just His voice. Gentle yet strong. Peaceful and secure. His voice is kind, soft and caring. A very special voice. Like no other. Just a man who is GOD. Jesus.

(ISAIAH 52:2) “Shake yourself from the dust; arise, sit [erect in a dignified place], O Jerusalem; loose yourself from the bonds of your neck, O captive Daughter of Zion.”

Photo by Marisa Morton on Unsplash

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