Life, Love and Everything In Between


When I was growing up, I had a Father and a Mother. Two parents.

Today, families are fractured and broken.

Kids are involved in things they shouldn’t be involved in. Adults are doing things they shouldn’t be doing. All the while, children are watching.

My parents worked hard to put food on the table and keep a roof over our head. We were happy. Even though at times there was misery.

My greatest achievement is being a mother to a Gifted daughter. My daughter, Taylor, is a great artist. One day she will be famous.

I have so many good memories of being a child.

I think as a Christian, I focus on the good and not the bad. As a disciple of Christ, I look to the positive not the negative.  My Mother is the same. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Dad was a typical angry Italian. He was very strict with us. My sisters told me he was protective of me. He was protective of us all.

Dad owned flats in Hervey Bay, QLD. He was a rich man. Very wealthy.

He use to let us go down to a creek and play as kids. That was a lot of fun. It was where my passion for the natural world developed.

In the creek, I would catch guppies. Lots of guppies! Some with long tails and some colourful.

I wasn’t lonely as a child, even though I was alone. My sisters and brother rarely played with me. I don’t know why.

Image courtesy of Heidi Therese Phillips


We loved water as kids. Dad and Mum always took us to the beach.

The beach was our escape.

Mum crocheted our togs. I can’t believe she did that. Mum was ahead of her time! How trendy we were 😊

Guinea Pigs

I owned lots of pets as a child growing up. My favourite was Guinea Pigs.

Guinea Pigs were my escape from reality.

I think everyone can remember a time when they had a Guinea Pig as a pet.

I’m still passionate about Guinea Pigs to this day. Guinea Pigs will always be a part of my life.

Guinea Pigs are really smart animals. People think they are stupid, but they are highly intelligent small animals.

Giovanni – Image courtesy of Heidi Therese Phillips


I don’t know much about my Mother’s side of the family. They don’t talk much about the past.

My Father’s parents were somebodies. My grandfather on my Father’s side was the Ambassador of Czechoslakvia to Rome. He was also a Dr of Law. A very intelligent man. Someone I aspire to be like. Probably because I am a respecter of men.

Dad didn’t talk about his Father much. I remember asking him one day if he could tell me about my Grandfather, but Dad said he didn’t want to talk about him.

My Grandmother on my Father’s side said to me that my Grandfather was a good man. I believed her.

Sometimes people get jealous of you and they make up lies. I guess when you know a person’s character you know that the lies are not the truth.


I’ve been married once thankfully. If I ever get remarried, it will be for love and not for duty.

I won’t remarry because of who he is or what he possesses, I wil remarry because I love him. And that’s the truth.

Money passes away. Possessions will pass away. But Love will stay. What happens in the natural will happen in the Supernatural.


My family drive me crazy! But I love them all dearly. They are all I have in this topsy turvy upside down world.

Especially Mum. She is not getting any younger. I want to ensure that her twilight years are comfortable.

Mum loves the Lord with all her heart. As do I. She has been my teacher. I have a lot of respect for my parents. They brought me into this world. As crazy as this world is. God is in control of it.

Image courtesy of Heidi Therese Phillips


“Honour your Mother and Father, and you will lead a long life.” (Jesus said that)

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