A Little Girl Lost

My journey as a Christian hasn’t been easy. Most Christians would attest to that, the narrow path is somewhat fraught with danger and peril.

Christianity is a passion, a love that lingers deep within the soul.

It props you up when your feeling down, it shows you hidden truths that you never knew existed.

Jesus loves me. I need to remind myself.

Jesus died for you and me on a cross made from timber that looked like a tree. He was nailed wrist and ankle.

Why did someone love me so much to die for me?

My logic brain doesn’t understand this. Why does a man want me to live eternally with him?

Photo by Atlas Green on Unsplash

I think Jesus knew that we were his finest creation. We were and still are the APPLE of His EYE. Isn’t that delicious?

Jesus understands suffering. He went to the cross to die for our sins one by one he died a painful death of torment, hate and greed.

Why does He love me so much? This I don’t understand.

I can write about LOVE and how I want it so much or I can focus on my God, who has all the love I need. His love is perfect.

As a woman, God protects me. He shields me from pain and heartache.

Sure, I’ve learnt some hard lessons. But God was there in the pain. He was next to me holding my right hand.

Why does He continue to LOVE ME?

He loves me because I’m a woman, and God loves women. We are His most prized possession.

Jesus went to the cross for my sins and because he LOVED YOU.

He withdrew from all temptation. He knew that if he FELL, there would be grave consequences from HIS heavenly Father.

So He didn’t fall. He was complete in HIS FATHER’s LOVE.

I love Jesus and Jesus loves me.  This is all I know. I don’t know much more than this.

 A wise man once asked me “What is mightier? The sword or the pen?” I said the sword. But now I feel it’s the pen.

Jesus loves men and women. But it’s an ethereal love that He has for us, not a human love.

I hope someday I can be just like Jesus. Because Jesus loves me.

Conclusion: “Love your enemies” Matthew 5:44

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